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STEM+ x Entrepeneurship

Welcome to our first STEM+ Spotlight blog post! In these short posts, the Lyra team explores and describes the various intersections of STEM applications with other industries, careers, and fields.

Entrepreneurship is a booming industry involving the creation of startup companies and organizations. The groundwork for entrepreneurship involves a balance of two things: the art of turning ideas into reality and the science of taking calculated risks. STEM integrates into the development of startups and commercial ventures in several ways. Both fields share similarities in terms of skills and mindsets, as both fields require creativity, critical thinking, and the ability to work independently.

However, there are several ranging career applications embodied within the intersection of STEM+ x Entrepreneurship. These include the commercialization of up-and-coming research, clinical trials for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, optimization algorithm development for new softwares, and several architectural advances (development of construction materials, creating accurate building designs, etc.).

How does Lyra incorporate this crucial intersection within their services? Our former “Experimenter to Entrepreneur” workshop included this overlap:

Image by macrovector on Freepik
“Everyone has ideas, but not everyone knows how to go from research to restock. Let’s explore startups to success stories and learn about the steps to take to successfully become an entrepreneur in the competitive world of STEM.”

Thank you to Neelaza Dahal for the graphics on this topic! Join us bi-weekly for additional mini blog posts for our STEM+ Spotlight. Check out other posts where the Lyra team explores the intriguing convergence of humanities and the STEM+ field!

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