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Our Students

Take a look at all the institutions where we have helped spread a STEM+ curriculum with a focus in underprivileged communities.

Colors denote unique presentation series (n = 11) and circle size corresponds to number of students served from each school (n = 35). 2018 median household income data stratified by zip code and obtained from US Census Bureau via Tableau.

Our Presentations

These are our most popular presentations!

400+ Reviews
Delivery Rating
Content Rating
"I love the structure and the way you explained your answers and points presented in the presentation. "
- MCST Student, 2020
" I understand the road to med school a lot better and now know a lot of my options. The speakers were all amazing."
- Bergen County Technical High School, 2021
" The students were able to relate to the students at Shabazz."
- Malcolm X Shabazz High School, 2021
"The aspects of the workshop that were done very well were their ability to explain it in a form we can understand and be interested to know more, they provided examples, used life examples"
- University High School, 2022
"I think the connection to real-life applications for jobs and positions made it easier to digest the advice and ideas that the speakers presented. Also, the speakers were very eloquent which made it much easier to understand a lot of the concepts, even the new ones."
- High Tech High School, 2021
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