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lyra (læra) 
v. (Icelandic roots)
1. to learn
2. to teach

The mission of Lyra is simple: to better prepare students for the demands of a modern STEM+ education and career.


We understand that learning and teaching are two sides of the same coin. Lyra hopes to extend STEM+ education beyond the limits of a classroom or a textbook. 


 Using supplemental instructive tools, we expose students to pathways, experiences, and resources using experiences from faculty, professionals, undergraduate students, and entrepreneurs.

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Our STEM+ kits are hybrid interactive modules that can be directly integrated within classroom curriculums and extracurriculars. These kits consist of exclusive Lyra-made resources delivered to schools that coincide with virtual presentations delivered by trained Lyra mentors that guide students through various topics.

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Certified 501(c)(3) Organization

211 Warren St, Newark NJ 07103

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